Hvar on the New York Times ‘Must See’ List in 2013

The New York Times published a list of 46 places to visit this year, and among them, specifically at the high 14th position, is the Croatian island of Hvar! The New York Times called it a calmer  jet setter paradise, in the text referred to Carpe Diem Club, Old Town, Store Komin and Robinson. Here’s what they say:


“Once a 16th-century Venetian fortress island, Hvar (pronounced hwahr) has been drawing yachts, island-hoppers and celebrities to its growing landscape of luxury hotels, hillside villas and nightclubs. The island’s V.I.P. surge began in 1999 with Carpe Diem, a decadent open-air club replete with flaming cocktails and table dancers in designer bikinis. In high season, the creamy marble main square of Hvar Town fills with blissed-out vacationers recharging on coffee and cocktails, a contrast to the quieter, older village Stari Grad, which received Unesco status in 2008 because of its ancient agricultural plain built by the Greeks who settled it in the fourth century B.C. In fact, Hvar’s real allure lies in its low-key features: unspoiled coves and beaches, rolling vineyards, olive groves and silvery-purple lavender fields that have long been the country’s main source for the flower. Travelers can take a moonlight hike through an abandoned medieval village to a traditional tavern (or konoba, in Croatian), Stori Komin, and dine on wild boar caught that morning. Or take a cheap rental motorboat to Robinson, a konoba set within a secluded cove devoid of electricity or running water, and sunbathe on a white stone beach while waiting for the fish to cook.  — Charly Wilder”

Text: The New York Times

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